What other people say…

Quote from Dr Julia Strohmer: (translated from German)

Christian Berrend is a very valued colleague and friend of mine. I like his way of approaching and considering topics. I have also been able to experience a few sessions and found the exercises exciting and very informative! I am happy to recommend you and your work!

Quote from Diane Jaeger: (translated from Luxembourgish)


I can recommend entspaant.lu wholeheartedly.


Quote from anonymous: (translated from Luxembourgish)

Working with Chrëscht is definitely worth it!

It is a journey that I can decide for myself, where I am the pilot and Chrëscht is a companion. He does not prescribe, but simply asks: Where are we going next? He doesn’t condemn but draws your attention. And over time you get to know yourself better.

I have neurodermatitis and came to Chrëscht because of it. His approach was the first to focus not on my skin disease, but simply on ME. My disease is probably a part of me, but there are so many other qualities about me. So, I learned to ask myself these questions: Who am I? Who would I like to be? Can I actually accept myself? How can I change without changing who I am?

Today I am now aware that I didn’t know myself at all, and I still don’t know myself completely. BUT I have set out on the path and am finding it out day by day.

By getting to know myself better, I have also been able to better understand and deal with my illness. I can now accept it as a part of me, it too has needs, I respect it.

My journey is not over yet, but I am already looking forward to the next stage. And I am so happy to have set out on this journey. I have Chrëscht to thank for that. Today Chrëscht is still a part of my journey, I am always happy to tell him where I am at the moment.

THANK YOU for everything Chrëscht!!!