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I’m Christian Berrend but most of the people call me “Chrëscht”.

I was born in 1978, am a father of three children, a qualified educator and a trained relaxation pedagogue.

In my free time I work in different associations and clubs or enjoy the time with my family and with myself.

And why on earth have I become a relaxation pedagogue?

First of all, for myself. I’ve noticed that I am not/haven’t always been as relaxed as it would be good for mer. So I’ve changed something,

I can’t shut my mouth when the topic is relaxation, I always have to add my comment. So it must be spread all over the world. I’m convinced that we have to begin with ourselves if we want to have a more beautiful, a better world. I’ve noticed quickly that I’m only fully satisfied if I try to better this world up with other people. All in my small circle. All with me and myself… So I decided to turn my passion into a profession. Here I am!