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I’m offering workshops for groups. Most of the times they take place in the workspace or in the multipurpose room on the Kass-Haff.
In contrast to the single sessions, I channel my focus to the team spirit and I’ll look for a way to handle the situations, with the customers. Here an example of an offer for a group of 9 people with 3 hours time.

Stress in the socio-educational field:

  1. Meeting of instructor and participants, short introduction to relaxation pedagogy
  2. Focus: the conflict: my drama / your drama -> techniques to handle “dramatic situations”
  3. Classify stress-situations and react appropriately. Examples of the participants get picked up and solutions are showed.
  4. Chilled in the everyday life. Goals and problem solutions for the socio-educational daily life are composed by me and the participants.
  5. Feedback round.

In the workshop we’ll do many theoretical journeys to the problem situations and we’ll do many practical exercises.

I’m specialized in the socio-educational field because I’ve worked there for a long time. However I’m open for every other interest.