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Now you could ask yourself, why should this actually work? What are we working with?

Because I’m meeting different people in different positions, here’s a list of things that help me. In vernacular we call them resources.

While my training to be a relaxation pedagogue in the academy for healthy life in Oberursel, I’ve learned the following techniques:


  • Autogenous training
  • Fairy tales with autogenous training
  • Progressive muscle-relaxation
  • Breathing-relaxation
  • Fantasy-journeys
  • Deep relaxation
  • Basic-relaxation
  • Moving and relaxation
  • Relaxing with singing bowls

Attentiveness / Meditation

  • Attentivenes-training
  • Inner attitude and relaxation
  • Exercices from Qigong


  • Stress-management
  • Energy-breaks
  • Quick relaxation methods

As you may have noticed, I permitted myself to copy and adjust the description of the academy. All Rights are owned by “Akademie für Gesundes Leben. Stiftung Reformhaus-Fachakademie”.

Furthermore I have further studies in improvisation theatre, in  Basal-stimulation and I’ve worked as an educator. And am father of three children…

That should be enough sources to work with you..


The most important person in the whole processis you. We’ll discover together where your way will go.