What methods do we work with?

Learning and enjoying are the secret of a fulfilling life. Learning without enjoying hardens your soul, enjoying without learning dulls it.” Richard David Precht

We explore together where the rub is and formulate a concrete plan of action.

The suitcase from which we can then help ourselves contains amongst other things:

Breathing and physical exercises

Mental techniques

Discovering access to one’s free nature

Communication training

Recognizing parts of oneself and others

Optimizing every day and work processes

Achieving flow states

Drawing circles, setting boundaries



These tools and techniques are helpful for a lot of issues and problems; however, they aren’t the answer to issues of a more profound nature. Our coaching is not to be confused with therapy; it does not replace therapy. We work closely with other counselors, therapists, and doctors to ensure you are receiving the help that you need.

Individuality and personal responsibility of the client play a central role in our common process, there is no “one way” but our very own. Being able to walk this path together is definitely an adventure I am looking forward to!